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Delivery available across Greater Brisbane, the Northern and Western suburbs, Logan, Redlands/Bayside, Tamborine and surrounding areas, and the Gold Coast.

Pick up also available at


Update for March 2015 – With Autumn here now it’s starting to cool down and it’s a great opportunity to spend some more time out in your garden. We have lots of small and big bales available at the moment so come down to our farm and take them home with you or contact us and we can arrange to deliver them straight to your door. 

Sugar cane mulch is an easy and efficient way to improve the look and quality of your gardens.

  • Sugar cane mulchTaken direct from our sugar cane leaves
  • Good for controlling weeds
  • Good for vegetable gardens, fruit and other trees, shrubs, pot plants etc
  • Easy water penetration and moisture retention
  • Reduces the need for watering
  • Increases growth and overall health of plants
  • Increases the nutrients in your soil
  • Promotes earth worms
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Good for stockfeed and chicken pens


Owned and operated by Brian, Win, Andrew and Natasha Currant

Phone Win on (07) 5546 2303


Andrew on 0414 458 175


Our bales include: 

Small balesSmall bales 

These cover approx 2sq metres at 50-75ml thick.

We can fit 50-55 of these on the ute and 228 on our truck...





Big baleBig bales 

These cover approximately 20sq metres.

These bales are 4ft long and the equivalent of 10 small bales.

We can fit 6 of these on the ute and 30 on our truck.




Andrew, Win & Brian CurrantWho are we?

Hi! The Currant Family Sugar Cane Mulch business consists of Brian, Win, Andrew and Natasha Currant. Brian and Win began growing sugar cane back in the 1960′s when it was all cut by hand. Today they are still working on the farm every day despite being in their late 70′s and they have no intention of stopping any time soon.

As with all farming families, it has always been all hands on deck. Brian has experienced the hard labour of cutting cane by hand and undertaking manual loading onto trucks, right through to the earliest primitive cane harvesters and now the hydraulic cane harvesters used today. 

Win CurrantMany people who visit us are amazed when they see Win still driving the tractor that haul the cane to the bins but she has been doing this for a long time now. She also did of this while raising three boys. If you stop in at the farm to pick up your bales of sugar cane mulch you’ll most likely see her carrying bales by hand or driving the forklift to restock the shed. Alternatively, you’ll chat to her on the phone if you order some bales to be delivered. Age and gender are no barrier on our farm.

Andrew CurrantTheir youngest son Andrew has worked alongside them for nearly 30 years and is now playing a greater role in the family business while Brian and Win pretend to be retired. You will most likely meet Andrew when he delivers mulch to you.

Andrew, Josh & Jayden CurrantI, Natasha, am the behind the scenes person. Aside from shifting the trees worth of business paperwork, I am busy raising the next generation of Currant boys to work with the family. .

So when you purchase your sugar cane mulch from us, you are receiving mulch that we have bailed ourselves from sugar cane that we have grown and harvested ourselves as well. Sugar cane mulch direct from the farmer to you.











Giving GardenIan and Judy Wintle, winners of Gardening Australia’s 2009 ‘Golden Trowel” and regular participants in the Open Garden Scheme, have been purchasing mulch off of us for the last 10 years or so.


See their recommendation for us on their Garden Product Reviews site and have a read at their blog for gardening enthusiasts.


You can view their photo albums here.





B.J. & W.A. Currant Pty Ltd A.B.N. 71 556 489 032 and Cat Rural Pty Ltd A.B.N. 19 109 538 985