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 If you are interested in purchasing a ‘Currant Catahoula’ please contact us directly to discuss this and make a non-refundable deposit.  We do NOT sell our dogs over the internet. We also cannot guarantee any Catahoulas in the near future if you choose to “wait and see” after the pups are born.   Individuals on our waiting list are given priority for pups in coming litters.  We suggest that you speak to us and consider putting down a non-refundable deposit to secure your place.  Pups are $1200 and come wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked with purebred registration papers from the NALC.


For information about buying a pup see our breeding policy further down this page.



Pups for sale

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Adult dogs for sale  

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Breeding Policy

Currant\'s Skye

We only breed a select number of litters each year based upon the amount of orders placed beforehand.  A minimum of five (5) orders must be received before a mating will occur, however, Currant Catahoulas have first priority on all litters.


Pups generally sell for $1200 depending on the blood line, quality, and health testing conducted.  They are available to be freighted to their new owner at 8 weeks of age so as the 6 week vaccination works as effectively as possible.  We breed Catahoulas for their working ability and temperament and therefore cannot guarantee particular coat or eye colours.  


Our pups are all sold with the following:

  • Purebred registration application papers for the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas (NALC).  We have a 100% success rate of providing papers with our dogs and can help you if you have any questions or problems with these.
  • Micro-chipping complete with the relevant forms and stickers.
  • Vaccinations are completed at 6 and 12 weeks of age.  Our veterinarians vaccination record is provided to the new owner. 
  • Fully wormed prior to sale and leaving.
  • A vet check and certificate before the pup is sold covering the general health and condition of the dog.
  • De-sexing is done on select dogs depending on the conditions of sale.
  • A package containing photos of the pup as it was growing up with us, the registration application form, infromation about the NALC, and all the pups relevant microchipping, vaccination, and other vet forms.




We use a deposit system to ensure that owners secure a dog, that they are serious about obtaining a Catahoula, and to allow us to plan an appropriate breeding. 


Potential owners must make a $200 non-refundable deposit if they wish to purchase a Catahoula from us and a receipt will be issued for this.  The choice of pup is based upon the order of deposits received, however, Currant Catahoulas have first choice on all litters.  If a desired pup of sex, temperament or colour is not available on the allocated litter, the deposit will be rolled over to future litters until a desired one is chosen.  Please note that WE CANNOT GUARANTEE EYE OR COAT COLOUR.  This is because we do not breed specifically for colour.  Instead, we breed for working ability, health and temperament, and coat and eye colours are an advantage.


Depositors will be notified of when the mating occurs and when the pups are born.  At 4 weeks of age, depositors will receive photos of the available pups for their choosing, depending on their place on the list.  The deposit will be deducted from the cost of the pup.  


Should you wish to place a non-refundable deposit for a pup please contact us first to discuss the specifics of upcoming litters and their suitability for you and your circumstances.  We do not provide Catahoulas to anyone that wants one.  We follow the philosophy of the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas (NALC) which is “not everyone needs a Catahoula”.  We discuss with potential owners how aspects of their life and circumstances may suit owning a Catahoula.  For example, what the dog is being used for such as working cattle, hunting pigs or as a beloved pet; the amount of land available for the dog; intended exercise needs; children etc.  This is vitally important as Catahoulas have specific needs and we will not knowingly sell one of our dogs to an inappropriate home.  Similarly with rescue dogs, we will not knowingly sell a rescue dog to an inappropriate home.





We only sell Catahoulas within Australia and do not export overseas.  Depending on the owners location, a choice or road or air freight, or alternative pick up arrangements may be made from our location on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Pups will not leave us, and freight will not accept dogs until eight weeks of age.


Air freight is available to all cities in Australia, leaving from Brisbane Airport.  Air freight is typically more expensive than road freight and airlines will only take pups from 8 weeks of age.  The cost of freight is dependent upon the weight and breed of the pup or dog.


Road freight is available throughout Queensland and New South Wales, and a link-up service can be arranged for Victoria and South Australia.  Unfortunately, it is not available to the Northern Territory or Western Australia.  We use the services of Dog Movers (see www.dogmovers.com.au ).  The owners of Dog Movers, David and Sierra Gallagher have transported many of our dogs are offer an excellent service.  The price of freight is dependent upon the age, weight and breed of dog.


All transportation arrangements will be organised by Currant Catahoulas in consultation with the owner.   



What we do not do!


  • We are not a puppy farm or mill.  Puppy farms and mills produce a large number of puppies for sale at all times.  They do not always use pedigree dogs, they maintain the dogs in poor conditions, they sell to pet shops or other farms and mills, charge high prices, and use little planning and conduct little research for each of their breedings.  We at Currant Catahoulas research the history of each of our breeding dogs and make these details known to owners; we plan our litters in advance based upon orders placed; we  produce only a select number of litters; we do NOT sell to pet shops, mills or farms; and we maintain our dogs in a suitable and homely environment on our 200-acre farm, and are currently in the process of building a much larger and higher quality kennel enclosure.
  • We do not breed Catahoulas for the money.  Any reputable breeder will tell you that breeding dogs provides very little to no profit and is done merely for the love of the dog.  We at Currant Catahoulas are dedicated to the advancement of the Catahoula breed within Australia and spend any profit we receive on importing new bloodlines from the United States to improve the quality of the line.