Happy Owners

When someone buys a dog off of us, we consider them to be a part of the Currant Catahoula family.  We are delighted when they call us only a few weeks later and tell us how happy they are with their dogs nature and abilities.  Below, we have included some of our most memorable dogs.



Currant’s Edge

Edge would be one of our most spoilt dogs yet complete with the classic blue leopard, tan trim, glass eye looks.  His owners possess the largest collection of toys we have ever seen and he is treated better than any dog we know of in Australia.EdgeEdge




















Currant’s Kara

Currant's Kara

Kara lives on a banana and cane farm up north and enjoys hunting trips built around the cane season.















Oreo 1OreoOreoCurrant’s Oreo

Oreo is being trained very thoroughly by her master and has completed obedience training, and is moving onto agility training now.




























Costa is out and about in the bush of North Queensland on regular hunting trips.  He is most at home in the front seat of his masters ute while they go out hunting and working.  His master was so impressed with him that he and his father each bought another dog from us.













Puddles is part pet and part working dog.  She has just been started on pigs and will very soon be started on herding cattle.PuddlesPuddles